A bow, then a graceful exit!!

David does such a good job writing it up

Coupeville Sports

   Coupeville High School/Middle School Drama Advisor Peg Tennant is retiring after 22 years at the post. (Amanda Rice photo)

After two decades of putting the spotlight on others, Peg Tennant is leaving the theater wings.

The longtime Coupeville High School/Middle School Drama Advisor is retiring from a post she’s held since the mid-90’s.

That brings an end to a school career in which she’s mentored hundreds of students and produced countless stage productions.

As she moves on to focus on other parts of her life, Tennant released the following farewell:

Yes – it is true – I am retiring.

Here is the first part of my letter to the School Board:

“The close of the 2016-17 school year is upon us and after much deep reflection upon my 22 years of service to the Coupeville School District, I realize it is time for me to go.”

Please remember our…

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Prince and the Sparkle Brains (cw: disability, ableism, sexual abuse)

So tragically and hopefully beautiful

Karrie higgins

The day Prince died, I was walking to the audiologist office to pick out hearing aids, Purple Rain playing on my purple iPod, my lipstick-red walking cane tapping its drumbeat on the sidewalk, vibrating through my wrist bones to my elbow bones to my shoulders to my clavicles to my brain, telling me: I am whole. Without my cane, without that drumbeat, my brain gets confused: Where is my musical limb?

The cane makes music just for me. When I walk to the beat, I drum to the beat. Doesn’t matter about my hearing anymore. I am a walking musical instrument.

Except it does matter, because certain music saved my life. Certain music still saves my life.

Maybe I can hear Prince like I did when I was a kid, I thought. How much of his music am I missing? What frequency is his voice?

I wanted a purple hearing aid to match my pastel…

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• remembering •

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• remembering •
I was just lying here, quietly,
when I realized,
I’ve known the extraordinary pleasure of friends,
singing my praises,
and dancing around me,
under the starry sky,
at my own ‘wake’.
I have known a St. Bernard,
called Maynard, who liked me,
because he liked everybody,
and that was okay with me.
I have had the pleasure
of being asked, once
upon a parking lot,
if I was Mad Dog,
and saying, “No, and you?”
I have seen babies born,
before my very eyes,
two of them, my very own.
I have seen you
on your “little island”,
as you practiced your prepositions.
I have surfed closeouts,
at Boca de Pasquales, with you.
I have been drunk
with a dog called,
‘Toe Muncher’.
Yes, ‘Toe Muncher’.
I have laughed so well.
I ‘cracked the sky’, one time,
for laughing,
with laughing,
by laughing,
that one time,

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